Stop it to stop it - interactive shortfilm about domestic violence

There are 10.000 Google searches a year related to domestic violence, which means that there’s a person trying to find answers to what’s happening them each and every hour. Yet these calls for help remained unanswered,which is why Hungarian Interchurch Aid and Vodafone created, the first anonymous website to let people start a conversation about domestic violence and get professional advice.

One in every five women have been in a violent relationship, which means that in our campaign we’re talking to 1 million women. The only way to reach them and stop the violence is to talk about it, so we created an interactive shortfilm in which we used the stories of the anonym victims to set up the script. In the film we see the looping struggles of a couple and we can detect many forms of domestic violence in their story. To highlight the many forms of abusive relationships we asked the users to stop the story wherever they felt that it’s too much. As they stopped it we asked them to give a voice to the issue and let more people know that there’s a solution, there’s a platform where they can talk to professionals and ask anything about what’s happening to them.

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