ACG, known as the region's leading independent and 100% Hungarian-owned advertising agency, receives 50 million Hungarian Forint in funding from HEPA Hungarian Export Development Agency Nonprofit Zrt for its foreign expansion plans. The aim of the project is to help ACG in building and strengthening its international relations and representation abroad. As well as to target those EU countries where we already have established partnerships and manage brands from. This also includes such regions of China and Far East, from where we have been experiencing commercial interest towards Hungarian products.

Primarily, the tender is aimed at strengthening the Hungarian agency's presence in foreign markets and laying the foundations for its expansion plans in Western and Central Europe.

"Fortunately, we don't have to start from scratch in this process," says Dániel Calin, Head of Client Service at ACG. “In the course of our work we have been successfully serving numerous foreign clients, our ads and in-house developed PR campaigns have been running in 13 European countries, among which there are cases when ACG has also been serving as a regional hub in terms of audience communication for those clients."

The account director also ads that ACG's special developed in-house know-how, is a strategically based customer management method that can be adapted to regional conditions and is planned to be introduced to as many countries as possible. The COVID-19 pandemics, which has fundamentally changed the working environment, has given a special impetus to this, but they also see this as a catalyst beyond the difficulties of the home office. "We believe that, until the situation goes back to normal, online contact can open up a whole new dimension of effective working," Daniel comments.

The funding received from the HEPA EXP 2020 External Market Access Grant is to be used in three core areas. The agency used to have limited opportunities when it comes to participation in international professional forums and competitions until now. It is for a quite some time now, since the agency’s digital department has been planning on a representative participation in Europe's largest professional forum, the Web Summit in Lisbon, and the Cannes Advertising Festival involving even more professionals and projects. In addition, the fund would be used to acquire communication and computer tools to ensure a reliable, real-time, high-traffic flow of information between Budapest and international professional endpoints. As a result, despite the limited possibilities offered by the pandemic, it would become possible to organize workshops as well as training courses, involving international experts, for ACG colleagues and clients.

According to Dániel Calin’s expectations, the funding cam help in improving efficiency and presentation skills within the agency. "The COVID-19 epidemic was indeed a very unexpected event for the communications market and the world in general; no doubts, this has been very challenging time for all. But I am also sure that the crisis will not last forever and if we use the funds well, we will be able to emerge stronger in our international relations," concluded the Account Director.

Name of the sponsor: HEPA Hungarian Export Development Agency Nonprofit Zrt.

Title of the grant/tender: EXP2020 Foreign Market Access Grant

Title of the project: Preparation of foreign market expansion of ACG Reklámügynökség Kft.

Contracted grant amount: 47,821,140 Hungarian Forints

Duration: 2 years.