Taboos Without Taboos is winning

”Taboos Without Taboos” (Tabukról tabuk nélkül) documentary series, made for AMC’S Spektrum channel, has been awarded at the Mexico International Film Festival. The six episodes long TV show, launched in 2017, digs into taboo topics such as death, mourning, addiction, weird sexual habits, atypical families and family or communal crimes from the past. The documentary series telling shocking personal stories became so successful that Spektrum decided to air it again.


The show was ordered by Spektrum, made by ACG Advertising Agency and was produced by Endre Mentes, managing partner of ACG.


The whole crew: Szabolcs Thuróczy, Sára Mega, Zsófia Zurbó, Anna Tóth, Ádám Simon, Eszter Csepeli, Kristóf Becsey, Réka Pálfalvi and Norbert Pálinkás.

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